• Product code:PN3200
  • 120T/day Cardboard paper making machine. We can design the production line according to your raw material and the capacity. So if you want to set up a paper mill, please let us know your raw material and capacity.

  • 48.1K

    Cardboard paper making machine uses waste paper, virgin pulp, OCC etc as raw material to produce high quality craft paper. Final paper are reeled in rolls. To get our engineer's suggestions free, please email us to marjorie@hwasonggroup.com. Waiting for you.
    1, raw material: waste paper and pure wood pulp;
    2, output paper: Copy paper
    3, output weight: 50-100g/m2 ;
    4, net paper width: 3200mm;
    5, wire width: 3750mm;
    6, rail gauge: 4300mm;
    7, work speed: 80-300m/min;
    8, capacity:120T/D
    9, Drives: AC frequency conversion speed regulator Processing transmission.
    1- Established in year 1968, our factory has more than 45 years experience in this field.
    2- We have more than 10sets CNC machine to ensure the production precison of each part.
    3- 57000sqm workshope and more than 200 staff including 50 engineers will supply you best service.
    4- Strict quality control at each stage.
    Bulk packing or wooden case
    1. We will send technicians to install and test the machine for you.
    2. We will train skilled workers for you.
    3. We will supply best after-sale service.

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