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  • Newpaper making machine use waste paper, wheat straw etc. as raw material to produce high quality newspaper. If you want to set up a newpaper paper mill, please let us know the paper width, the capaity per day and your raw material, our engineer will make you the best design based on your requirements.

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    Main parts of the production line:
    1- Stock preparation line
    2- Host paper making line:
    a- Cylinder section
    2pcs Ø700mm*1100mm cylinders
    2pcs Ø220mm*1200mm couch rolls, rubber hardness 38±2°
    1pc Ø380mm*1500mm return roll, rubber hardness 90±2°
    2sets cylinder vats (User can make it on site)
    b- Press section
    1pc Ø220mm*1200mm stone roll
    1pc Ø250mm*1200mm rubber roll, rubber hardness 90±2°
    Pneumatic pressure device
    c- Dryer section
    2pcs Ø1000mm*1100mm dryers
    2pcs Ø220mm*1100mm rubber rolls, rubber hardness 90±2°
    Pneumatic pressure device
    Set up a dryer device below the 2nd Dryer
    d- Paper reeling section
    787mm drum type paper reeling machine
    f- Transmission & Control section
    AC frequency control, step transmission, full digital close-loop control system
    1- Product: News paper
    2- Paper weight: 40~80gsm
    3- Paper width: 787mm
    4- Capacity: 1.5~2T/D
    5- Gauge: 1300mm
    We have more than 30 years manufacturing experience of different kinds of paper machines in China. We strictly manufacture and manage according to IOS9001:2000 System and match all the CE standard or stricter standard. Our paper machine is running well in more than 20 countries. We are gold supplier on alibaba. Our guarantee period is 1 year. If there are any quality problems, We will help you at any time.
    Nude or wooden case
    We supply whole process services to all of our clients.
    1- Before installation, guide the layout of cable trench, operation platform position decision. When installation, we will assign engineer to your paper mill to guide machine installation and train your workers.
    2- Debugging of paper machine sectional transmission including: inspect the transmission system after installation, connect the power supply. Function testing, transmission system parameter set to ensure the production process according to requirements.

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