• Product code:CY1500
  • 1- Raw material: stainless steel 2- Size: dia1500x2400mm 3- Used in paper making machine

  • 48.1K

    φ1500x2400mm stainless steel cylinder
    1- Raw material: Stainless steel
    2- Structure: central axis body, spokes, stainless steel bar and belt.
    3- Size: φ1500x2400mm
    1- Established in year 1968, our factory has more than 45 years experience in paper machine manufacturing field.
    2- We have more than 10sets CNC machine to ensure the production precison of each part.
    3- 57000sqm workshope and more than 200 staff including 50 engineers will supply you best service.
    4- Strict quality control at each stage.
    Wooden case or pellet
    1- Reply within 24 hours.
    2- Specialist online services.

    5- Quality guaranteed and prices favorable.

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