• Product code:TS1092
  • It produce 1-2ton per day high grade or middle grade tissue paper.

  • 48.1K

    Tissue paper making machine use virgin pulp, waste paper or mixture of virgin pulp and waste paper, bamboo pulp etc as raw material to produce high/middle grade house hold paper like toilet paper, facial paper, napkin paper etc.

    The capacity is from 0.5T-25T per day. We can design the production line according to your raw material and the capacity. So if you want to set up a paper mill, please let us know your raw material and capacity.
    1- Output: high grade or middle grade tissue paper
    2- Raw material: waste paper, wood pulp
    3- Paper weight: 18-30gsm
    4- Gauge: 1880mm
    5- Production capacity: 1-2t/d
    6- Gauge: 1800mm
    1- Established in year 1968, our factory has more than 45 years experience in paper machine manufacturing field.
    2- We have more than 10sets CNC machine to ensure the production precison of each part.
    3- 57000sqm workshope and more than 200 staff including 50 engineers will supply you best service.
    4- Strict quality control at each stage.
    Bulk packing or wooden case
    We supply whole process services to all of our clients.
    1- Before installation, guide the layout of cable trench, operation platform position decision. When installation, we will assign engineer to your paper mill to guide machine installation and train your workers.
    2- Debugging of paper machine sectional transmission including: inspect the transmission system after installation, connect the power supply. Function testing, transmission system parameter set to ensure the production process according to requirements.

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