Qinyang City Pingan Light Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd. is a large- scale enterprise specialized in papermaking machinery field, covering the scientific research, design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning. Established in 1968, our company covers an area of 57000m2, in which the occupation of manufacturing workshop is 16000m2 and the occupation of office and living rooms is 3500m2. We have fixed assets of 5 million USD and eight large-scale production workshops. The annual gross product of our company is 110 million dollars under the concerted effort of 160 staff on duty. In 2004, we passed the international quality authentication of ISO9001 system.
The main products of our company are multi-series cylinder mould paper machine, short fourdrinier paper machine, fourdrinier paper machine and multi-layer fourdrinier paper machine based on the paper width of 787mm, 1092mm, 1575mm, 1760mm, 1880mm, 2100mm, 2400mm, 2640mm, 2800mm, 3200mm, 3600mm, 3800mm, 4600mm. And we are also devoted to the manufacturing of pulp making equipment and paper converting equipment.
Since the reform and opening-up policy of our state, we have exported our machines and equipment in due succession to many foreign countries like Indonesia, UZ, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, KZ, Turkmenistan, Surinam, Syria, Mongolia, Mali, Uganda and Venezuela so forth, and also send to all parts of our country. The high quality of our products and our after-sales service bring us the terrific reputation and high praise from the clients at home and abroad!
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Toilet paper equipment manufacturers,Writing paper manufacturer, Paper Machines  Qinyang City Pingan Light Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd.
Qinyang City Pingan Light Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd.
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Wangqu Industrial District, Qinyang city, Henan Province China
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