About paper making machine ----FAQ

1.What kind of paper machine your factory produce?
We produce different kinds of paper machine. such as:
a- Toilet Paper Machine which can produce toilet paper, tissue paper, napkin paper, handkerchief paper, towel paper and kitchen using paper etc.
b-Culture paper machine which can produce A4 paper, notebook paper, copy paper, writing paper, printing paper and newsprinting paper etc.
c-Kraft paper machine which can produce kraft paper, fluting paper, corrugated paper, kraft liner paper, carton box paper and packing paper etc.
d-Coating paper machine which can produce coating paper, carbonless copy paper and thermal paper et.
2.Can you make paper mill design for us?
Yes, we have professional team with rich experience of paper mill design by CAD software. Our engineer will design paper machine suitable for your factory. You only need to tell us your open land dimension, we will make your future paper mill design.
3.How about your machine’s quality, we worry about the quality?
We have more than 30 years manufacturing experience of different kinds of paper machines in China. We strictly manufacture and manage according to IOS9001:2000 System and match all the CE standard or stricter standard. Our paper machine is running well in more than 20 countries. We are gold supplier on alibaba. Our guarantee period is 1 year. If there have any quality problems, We will help you at any time.
4.What should I have to know if I want to get the quotation?
1.What kind of paper you want to produce(main important)
2.What kind of raw material you will use(main important)
3.The capacity you want produce per day(main important)
4.The paper weight you require.
5.The paper width you require.
6.Why your price is so high, is there any discount?
The price is matched with the quality of our machine. We can give you some discount if you want to buy our machine sincerely and earnestly. However, if you want a low quality paper machine. I tell you, we don’t produce. Our company’principle is client first, reputation premier.
6.Could your engineer can teach and train our workers and stay in our factory for long time?
Yes, we have very large engineer installation team. They can train and teach your workers to operate paper machine, but you should pay them salary.
7.How long will it take to get the quotation?
We usually give reply within 24hours after getting your inquiry. If you are urgent to get the quotation, please tell us by email, then we can reply you as the first priority.
8.How we visit your fatory and what will be the proedure?
Our company located in Zhengzhou city, henan province, if you take plane, it will need about 2 hours from Guangzhou city, 1.5 hours from Shanghai city and 1 hour from Beijing city. We will pick you up from Zhengzhou airport or the train station. We will take you to see our machine running in our chinese clients' paper mill. Welcome you and your team to visit us at any time!
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