• Product code:PN1092
  • Raw material: waste paper Product: News paper Paper weight: 40~80gsm Paper width: 1092mm Cylinder width: 1450mm Designed capacity: 2~3T/D Gauge: 1800mm

  • Main parts of the host paper making machine:
    1. Cylinder part: 1pcs cylinder mould: Φ1500mm×1950mm, 1pcs couch roll: Φ400mm×2100mm. Rubber hardness: Shaw: 38±2°, equipped with 1set cylinder vat
    2. Dryer part: 1pcs cylinder dryer: Φ2500mm×1950mm, 1pcs couch roll: Φ600mm×2100mm. Rubber hardness: Shaw: 90±2°, Equipped with compound pneumatic blade(a group of cylinder-cleaning and wrinkling blade),pneumatic corrector and electric-motor driven tightener, automatic controlling device.
    3. Reeling part: 1575mm cylinder reeling machine, 1pcs roll-up drum: Φ800mm×2500mm. 1pcs press roll: Φ200mm×2000mm. . 2set adjustable roll stand and 2sets reel levers.
    4. Drive and Control Part: Apply section drive and AC frequency conversion with regulated speed and all-digital closed loop control system.
    1- Product: News paper
    2- Paper weight: 40~80gsm
    3- Paper width: 1092mm
    4- Cylinder width: 1450mm
    5- Designed capacity: 2~3T/D
    6- Gauge: 1800mm
    We have more than 30 years manufacturing experience of different kinds of paper machines in China. We strictly manufacture and manage according to IOS9001:2000 System and match all the CE standard or stricter standard. Our paper machine is running well in more than 20 countries. We are gold supplier on alibaba. Our guarantee period is 1 year. If there are any quality problems, We will help you at any time.
    Nude or wooden case
    1. We will send technicians to installand test the machine for you.
    2. We will train skilled workers for you.
    3. We will supply best after-sale service.

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