• Product code:JM004
  • Polyester spiral dryer fabrics are suitable for the dry part of paper machine, printing and dyeing machine, also for other special industry fabrics.

    100% PET polyester as raw material, could resistant acid, alkali, high temperature etc.
    According to the weaving, polyester dryer fabric can be divided into 3-shed, 4-shed.
    According to the category, it can be divided into one and a half layer, double layer and rectangular wire fabric.
    According to the joining mode, it can be divided into insert, pin, pin ring and spiral ring join.
    3-shed one layer and a half are suitable for drying papers below 70g.
    4-shed double layer fabric is suitable for drying papers above 70g.

    - Material: 100% PET, PE, Polyester monofilament
    - Structure: single/double/multi layers paper forming screen
    - Thickness: 0.5~1.5mm
    - Wire diameter: 0.15~1mm (MD), 0.13~0.45mm (CMD)
    - Tension: as request
    - Air permeability: as requrest
    - Pattern: plain/satin/twill weave
    - Seam type: endless seam/circle
    - Edge treatment: heat treat with resin 20mm per side
    - Application: sheat forming and dewatering
    High quality material.
    Smooth surface.
    Good runnability.
    Good permaeability.
    Long life potential.
    Filled or unifiled to achieve differing filtration characteristics.
    Super heat with resin sealed edges for lasting,economical solutions.
    1- Inner packing: plastic bag
    2- Outter packing: carton or woven bag
    1- Reply within 24 hours.
    2- Specialist online services.
    3- OEM and ODM services.
    4- Sample testing and small order acceptable.
    5- Quality guaranteed and prices favorable.

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