• Product code:FM001
  • Characteristics: unique design as per customer's specific paper making machine and equipment.

  • Weight:600g/m2 to 2500g/m2
    PM speed: 300m/min -1500m/min
    Product Name: Paper making felt/blanket
    Structure: single-layer and multi-layers ( 2 layers, 3 layers and more)
    Weight: 600g/m2 to 2500g/m2
    Width: 1.1m to 8m
    Length: 5.5m to 140m
    High porosity structure.
    Very good dewatering and stability.
    Easy to keep clean and washing.
    Fast start up and run in.
    Long life time.
    Good wear resistance.
    Good void volume to operation.
    1- Inner packing: plastic bag
    2- Outter packing: carton or woven bag
    1- Reply within 24 hours.
    2- Specialist online services.
    3- OEM and ODM services.
    4- Sample testing and small order acceptable.
    5- Quality guaranteed and prices favorable.

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