• Product code:CT004
  • Full automatic napkin paper machine, it can also make colorful napkins by adding printing device.

  • Full automatic napkin paper making machine
    1. Adopt vacuum folding type.
    2. Count automatically and orderly placed, convenient to pack.
    3. Attach with folding unit ensuring accurate position and unify sizes of product.
    4. Adopt steel against wool embossing roller to have clear embossment.
    5. It can equip with single color printing unit or two color printing unit
    6. Adopt flexbile printing unit and professional anilox roll, and change the various printing patterns.
    1- Finished Size: 190x190~460x460mm
    2- Dimensions folded shape: 100x100mm~230x230mm (Adjustable Width)
    3- Parent paper diameter ≤φ1200
    4- Max. 600sheets/min (when printing colors, the speed will be Max. 400 sheets/min)
    5- Counting system: electronic counting
    1- Established in year 1968, our factory has more than 45 years experience in paper machine manufacturing field.
    2- We have more than 10sets CNC machine to ensure the production precison of each part.
    3- 57000sqm workshope and more than 200 staff including 50 engineers will supply you best service.
    4- Strict quality control at each stage.
    Nude or wooden case
    Q1: What is the Warranty for the machine? 
    A1:  For the machine,we have 1 year warranty.If any quality problems occurred under normal condition in this period ,we will take on the cost of maintenance and replacement and other related cost.
    Q2: How to operate and maintain the machine? 
    A2: First, we will provide a professional and detailed USER GUIDE to you with the machine; Second, we will debug the machine in the best status for you; At last, we also provide abroad technical training service.
    Q3: How to get raw material or auxiliary material for the machine? 
    A3: Our company has more than 20 years experience in this industry, we have accumulated much more contact information of upstream & downstream firms, in the field of raw material, auxiliary material and package of tissue. We belive our professional team can give you best solution for your production configuration. 
    Q4: How to find the matching accessories or wearing parts of the machine? 
    A4: Actually, we will replace it for free when wear out in warranty period; Out of the warranty time, you can buy it from us with favorable price or from other place near you, most of our accessories and wearing parts are standard for you.

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