• Product code:CT001
  • Automatic napkin paper making machine

  • Parent paper roll: ≤φ1100mm
    Folding speed: 500~600 sheets/min.
    Napkin size before folding: 200x200mm ~400x400mm
    Napkin size after folding: 100x100mm ~ 200x200mm
    Printing type: flexographic printing
    Ink: water soluble ink
    Counting: automatic
    Color: blue or grey
    Embassing device: single
    Printing: one color / two color
    Full automatic napkin paper making machine
    1. Adopt vacuum folding type.
    2. Count automatically and orderly placed, convenient to pack.
    3. Attach with folding unit ensuring accurate position and unify sizes of product.
    4. Adopt steel against wool embossing roller to have clear embossment.
    5. It can equip with single color printing unit or two color printing unit
    6. Adopt flexbile printing unit and professional anilox roll, and change the various printing patterns.
    Nude or wooden case
    1- Guarantee of the machinery: All of the machines are guaranteed for three months. Any parts failed during the guarantee period will be replaced without charge. The worn-out parts, which should be replaced periodically depending on the natural wear out, such as slitting knives, saw blades, and perforation blades, etc are not covered. Any damage due to the negligence on following up the operation manual is not covered.
    2- Service: We will send one engineer for installation, start up and training on the operations in the buyer’s plant. The buyer will be responsible for the two-way air tickets ,salary, transportation, accommodations and meals during their stay.

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